99 Reasons for Business Cards

Business Card Size
27. February 2020

Why should you have business cards?
We know a whole lot of good reasons for business cards and why to have some at hand all the time. Probably the reasons stated below aren't all. We'ld love you to share your reasons with us and contribute to the list.

You would like to connect both brain sphere of the receiver and know that he'll remember you even better.
You have this incredible job title since you were promoted: C3PO (Chief Corporate Communication & Publicity Officer)
With a meaningful look in your eyes you always wanted to say: "Here's my card, give me a call!"
The sincere effect of you card is enough. There is no need for dating portals.
You prefer to transmit your data in format that is compatible. Worldwide.
There is no chance to remember you own cell phone number.
You trust in business cards mirroring a person or company's image.
Head & Shoulders was definitively right concerning the first impression!
Because you can do them on your printer at home.
You're alway prepared for new contacts and business opportunities.
Business cards are the analogue bridge to digital offerings.
Having no cards isn't professional. Period.
You don't have to reboot business cards to transfer your data.
There's no need for electricity, WiFi or internet.
Business cards come handy when not being able anymore to articulate your own address to the taxi driver.
Business cards are a great opener for a conversation.
Business cards are real, authentic and remain unchanged.
You get the fuzz out and put information on your card that matters most.
When handing out your card you give your promise to be reachable. That goes without saying.
You don't bring valueless glass beads but an authentic gift at eye level.
You demonstrate that your company or service will be there tomorrow.
There's no need to take down your address with a shaky hand when involved in an accident.
It's all about emotions.
Haptic is a channel of communication that isn't overloaded.
The paperless office will still have something to put your screen or tablet on. A good card will find their place besides of it.
Special characters will be shown as they are supposed to. Always and everywhere.
Because you can have a picture of you on it.

Now it's your turn, you know lot of reasons for business cards. Oh, the most important reason is missing?

Drop us a line and make this list complete…

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