Why you need exceptional print products

„Beauty is a natural superiority“, said Plato, and the same holds true for high-quality printed products. But beauty is much more than just an end in itself. Our products are not just beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they have a purpose: they go to work for the client, paying for themselves in the long run.

First impressions are important, especially with new contacts. A small piece of card can communicate gravitas, professionality, quality and continuity. If the other party doesn’t want to put your business card down, we will have achieved our objective – your objective!

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Isn’t that a bit old fashioned and out-of-date?” We believe it’s just the opposite! Our stationery products, produced with care and attention to detail, demonstrate how seriously our clients take their own image, and the sort of positive first impression they want to make. It is important to them to convey the fact that their business is no fly-by-night affair; quality, authenticity and sustainability are their watchword.

Besides, people love to be inspired. That was always the case and will continue to be so. A paperless office? Perhaps. Paperless initial contact? Possible – but very dull and lacking in imagination.

Examples of successful projects for clients:

  • Blind embossed Christmas card

    This blind embossed Christmas card has a contemporary finish: not one that is “in your face” visually, but an understated, unique and surprising Christmas card, which captivates and invites you to touch it.
    Weihnachtskarte mit Blindprägung für Peter Schmidt Group
  • Hush! Silent Christmas Card

    Quandel Staudt is an agency specializing in corporate design, logo creation, communication and brandspaces. With their Christmas card the make a bold statement against all the noise that surrounds us in our times
    Weihnachtskarte "PSCHT" von Quandel Staudt