About Bölling: Black Art

The early years

»Stahlstichdruck Bölling KG« was founded in 1964 by Karlheinz C. Bölling and a colleague. His first engraved-steel embossing presses found their home in the parental garage. Karl Bölling, the founder’s father, took care of business development and provided impetus…and parked for evermore on the drive.

Karlheinz C. Bölling was self-taught when he started the business, and he always felt the need to prove himself better than the experts in the branch – a single-mindedness which still exists within the company.

From 1969 onwards, Karlheinz C. Bölling ran the company on his own.

A larger production area was achieved by building an annex, which enabled more machines to be installed and a greater range of techniques to be employed, such as letterpress, blind embossing, hot-foil stamping, etc.

1980s & ‘90s

The accomplishments of the specialist printer from Bad Soden are increasingly recognized, both in Germany and abroad. Two awards, in particular, must be mentioned here: Gold at the TDC Awards and the special prize from the Honorary Senate in Berlin (see image).

During these decades, the finest printed products are being made for well-known organizations, banks and insurance companies, as well as top politicians and other VIPs. Meanwhile, Marco O. Bölling is racing around between the machines in his pedal-car and soon also learning the ropes by type-setting and printing his own business cards.

In 1988, the still modest – but flourishing – organization took a leap of faith and opened a subsidiary in California.

Initially, clients were serviced from Bad Soden, with products sent to the USA. Within a short space of time a production facility was opened in San Francisco, but soon moved to the wine-growing region of Sonoma Valley due to client demand. Unique wine and sparkling wine labels were produced for the most renowned of products.

The recent past and the present

At the beginning of the new millennium, Karlheinz C. Bölling moved gently into retirement.

Marco O. Bölling, the son of the company's founder, grew into the role of head of the family business over a long period. He has three children, whose turn it is now to race around amongst the machines in their pedal cars.

2016 – onwards and upwards

Out of the former engraved steel printing works has grown a specialist finisher, combining traditional techniques with state-of-the-art processes: Old School – New Tools!