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Blind embossed Christmas card

Ostergruß mit Haserlkarte
Greetings from the Easter bunny
2. April 2018
Weihnachtskarte "PSCHT" von Quandel Staudt
Hush! Silent Christmas Card
31. March 2018

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The client

The Peter Schmidt Group is currently Germany's most successful brand and design agency. We regard ourselves as potential collaboration partners for all organizations looking to strengthen their corporate identity. Renowned national and international brands have belonged to our portfolio for the last 40 years. We always focus on the brand and work interdisciplinarily to deliver all the services required to maximize its success, from a first market analysis right through to an eventual global rollout, while a collaborative partnership combined with clear communication prevails at the core of each of our projects.

We remain convinced by the power of diversity and our team of more than 220 colleagues, comprised of personalities from many cultures with multiple interests and competencies, both inspires and unites us through our mutual respect, openness to one another and our thinking “out of the box.”.

We wanted a contemporary finish: not one that is “in your face” visually, but an understated, unique and surprising Christmas card, which captivates and invites you to touch it.

The facts

Gmund Cotton Linen Cream, a fine cardboard with a weight of 900 g/m² was used for this card. Soft and gentle, elegant and very thick. Pure cotton. Pure sensuality.

Blind embossingembellishes the face of the card. The cardboard is so voluminous that it feels like the embossing is half a meter deep.

A hot foil stamping in shimmering gold was used for the greeting on the reverse of the card.

Blind embossed Christmas card – Detail

Blind embossed Christmas card – Detail

Blind embossed Christmas card – Detail

Blind embossed Christmas card – Detail