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Edge coloring / edge guilding

Hot-foil stamping
25. April 2018
Visitenkarten mit strukturiertem Farbschnitt
Enhanced colored edging
25. April 2018

A cards least know four faces…

The process

Let’s take a closer look at the issue of cut decoration or colored edging with mathematical – or rather, geometrical – logic. A business card is a cuboid. This means it has six sides. It took some time for the reverse side of the card to catch up with the front as a playing field for imaging purposes. It was just a matter of time before someone turned their attention to the other four sides!

If you ask a lay person about “colored edging”, they often come up with the same memory: in the obligatory Sunday worship, they held a hymn book with the colored – or even gold – edges in their hands. What does that have to do with unique printed products? We say: “a lot”! We don’t produce hymn books, but we do decorate business cards, invitations and other printed products on the other four, free sides – multi-colored, metallic or with graduated color.In case this isn't enough, take a look at what we call "enhanced colored edging"

Examples of successful printed products using this technique:

Business cards for "Convecto" with colored edging

Business cards for "Convecto" with colored edging