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Greetings from the Easter bunny

Ausstattung zur Hochzeit
Wedding stationery
2. April 2018
Weihnachtskarte mit Blindprägung für Peter Schmidt Group
Blind embossed Christmas card
2. April 2018

Even without top hats, the rabbits on these cards are pure magic!

The client

Fred König (formerly of König & Lerch oHG) prefers to send an Easter greeting, rather than a Christmas card. There are good reasons for this and perhaps we should do likewise.

About the project he says: “The issues that we have to raise with clients are often unusual. We don’t allow just anybody to have free rein with them – even if they have the confidence to do so.

When it comes to embossing, Marco Bölling and his team are our most important partners. Technical expertise and an absolute feel for quality are combined with excellent communication skills. The latter is an important prerequisite for the success of every initiative.

Our Easter cards are time pieces. They illustrate a material and a finishing technique. They are much appreciated by our clients. We are measured by their success. We regard every mandate as a vote of confidence between us and our participating partners. From the very beginning, there was never any question that Bölling would be our chosen partner.

The embossing takes place in a narrowly-defined temperature range under high pressure. Together with the filigree design, this is a real test of both the tooling and the embossing process. Both our clients and we ourselves were completely bowled over by the result.

The facts


The face: Jungle Spirit – thermo-sensitive textile with faux hide embossing
Reverse: Gmund Ever Salzburg


Reverse: Waterless offset printing


Blind embossing (hot tooling)


Cut to final size



Production time

10 - 12 working days

Easter greetings card
Easter greetings card