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Invitation with hot-foil stamping for Stiftung Buchkunst

Reliefartige Blindprägung
Blind embossing
9. April 2018
Visitenkarte mit Heißfolie und Farbschnitt - Farbenvielfalt
Sophisticated business cards for “Convecto”
4. April 2018

As a sign of respect for the country which was invited to be “guest of honor” at the Frankfurt book fair, the appropriate colors were selected: red and white.

The project

Patrick Marc Sommer of typoint came to us with this project, since this very special invitation would require hot-foil stamping techniques. For over 60 years, Stiftung Buchkunst has promoted the world’s most beautiful books and innovative, future-orientated production concepts for the genre. This is mainly achieved through three important competitions: “the most beautiful German books”; “the award for the most innovative, forward looking production concept” and “the most beautiful books in the world” – an international competition which takes place in Leipzig and attracts much attention. The results of these competitions set signposts for the future and showcase ground-breaking developments in book production.

So, when such an organization sends out invitations to the Frankfurt book fair, they have to design something technically very special which also conveys their objectives. In 2015, the Frankfurt book fair had Indonesia as its guest of honor and that country’s national colors were therefore echoed in the invitation cards. We were able to contribute our ideas from the very beginning. All participants had a lot of fun in the realization of this product!