Our know-how: using the most appropriate techniques to produce superior printed products

When something has to be both unique and high-quality, more is needed than just pigment on paper. We enjoy combining traditional printing techniques with state-of-the-art processes – the result is all that matters. Here, we provide a summary of the techniques that we can apply to produce outstanding products for you.

  • Blind embossing

    Less is more – this time-honored technique generates its effects solely through light and shadow.
    Reliefartige Blindprägung
  • Die cutting

    Business cards don't have to be rectangular and folders need to get their shape. This is where die cutting comes into play. The cutting edge: sharp metal blades cut paper and cardboard!
    Geschenkanhänger, gestanzt
  • Duplexing, Triplexing, Laminating

    If you have something to hide, need individual double-faced material or you really want to lay it on thick… then this technique is for you! Duplexing, triplexing or laminating is is a technique to bond two or more layers together to form a thicker board.
    Visitenkarte mit Heißfolie und Farbschnitt - Detail
  • Edge coloring / edge guilding

    Business cards have more than two sides – we can embellish and enhance all of them!
  • Engraved-steel embossing

    In the tradition of copper plate etching engraved-steel embossing stands for the most luxurious printing technique.
    Stahlstichprägung für Visitenkarte
  • Enhanced colored edging

    Color on the edges is still not enough? No worries, we have a solution...
    Visitenkarten mit strukturiertem Farbschnitt
  • Hot-foil embossing / fluted foiling

    Powerful effects with glamor and splendor taken to the next level…
    Heissfolienreliefprägung eines Logos in glänzendem Goldener
  • Hot-foil stamping

    Hot-foil stamping generates powerful effects with glamor and splendor.
  • Letterpress

    Letterpress – the old way of printing – has its renaissance and feels young and stylish again!
    Buchdruck aka. Letterpress

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